My views about moving to a different gender, as many people do all over the world. I am herein only writing about from male to female, as this is my experience, I make no claim of expertise.

Gender and identity are closely related, from the cradle to the grave, so many of us are not happy with the body we exist in, and this does not happen to anyone overnight, or on an impulsive decision made. “Transsexual” is more of a label used to cause less confusion in the minds of others who are not involved or interested. Identifying only as female is the desired outcome, and in eventually achieving this, a long journey begins with many obstacles to negotiate, these include questioning your own sanity, sexual deviousness, acceptance from family, loved ones, and friends, and acceptance in the work place.

I believe that i was programmed different at the first instance during my embryonic  stage, when gender selection occurs, every embryo commences as female,  then male or female determinates are set by biochemical processes,  resulting in male or female, i feel that i was determined more female than male, though this could be disputable,  as i was identified as male at birth.  It is commonly thought that gender is connected to the brain, and  sex is connected to what is between the legs. Whatever, confusion is the over riding result for the likes of myself initially.  Many of us do however,  evolve with the help of oestrogen,  gain self acceptance and even self esteem, and eventually recognised as female or at least recognise our wish to be known as female. I was sitting outside a cafe and a mother and young daughter walked by,  the mother was asked a question by her young daughter, obviously referring to what i was, the mother replied  “That is a male wanting to be a female”,  i thought to myself “fair enough”.

Sexuality and sex is so much an issue, it is big as, or bigger than peoples obsession and fear  about food, this stands to reason, i suppose, basic behaviours. Food and sex feature very much in religion, politics, advertising, and   health. Confusion reigns, the media direct, and engineer, people’s attitudes and beliefs, to what they buy and consume  in the market place . Sex and food sell, peoples imaginations and gratification levels are heightened, to levels unknown in past generations. There are sexual smorgasboards and products, and printed material, and online virtual sexual experiences, to satisfy every sexual perceived need.   From this over  saturation, how a person perceives their own  sexual orientation is mind boggling, there are so many variations on a sexual theme.

The above is true also  for  transsexuals, identifying only as female, who have not had that operation, as myself. There are labels such as “shemales”, “chic with a dick”,  “tranny sex”,  which creates so much confusion for the curious male or female exploring and experimenting with their perceived  needs and desires in the bed. The possibilities are endless, romance does not get a look in, the meat markets, so sexual  phantasies run riot.  I am a mature woman, who has only in recent times stepped out fully in the real world, i used to consider myself straight, that is desiring  sex with a male, and i have come to realise the power of the penis, and how this power is so abused, by the  macho male, who is at most ignorant, about the needs of a woman, they are not only disrespectful, they are unable to adequately communicate, by stringing a few sentences together. This is most sexually frustrating for myself, and i understand how born females, who i adore, must feel.  I honestly do not know which way to go, i have joined the critical mass, and getting a big dose of reality to boot.  I fully understand a woman preferring a lesbian relationship, or being bisexual, and being more fussy about choosing  the penis, for her pleasures. I am leaning toward identifying as a transsexual, lip stick lesbian, and looking for a relationship with another like myself, who has a penis with more vigour than my own.

The human has moved away from nature and in the process we have lost our basic instinct of survival, we have become more greedy and more ignorant and set ourselves up  for a more confusing future, we have shunned the poor and hungry  humans in other worlds so foreign to us.  In our male dominated commercial worlds,  we have set ourselves apart as faux superior beings, who work longer, unable to couple successfully, or find that special partner in life.  We consume fast food, fast sex, and a faster lifestyle, leading to an unhappier existence, leading to abuse of drugs and alcohol, and in the end,   we do not know how to live happily, because  we do not know what we want.

Sex is no longer about the continuation of the species, it was about creating change to the human sexual psyche, to stem the tide of overpopulation of humans on the planet. Mother nature  intervened long ago, resulting in evolving biological change, and  human sexual orientation, thus,  homosexuals and transsexuals  blossomed. Variation on a sexual theme. I believe this and i am sticking to it, no matter what.  Transsexuals are very special people, though mothers are the most special people, and sadly so undervalued, i know, as i did not have a mother from the age of two.Females


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Moi Sarah Moi Sarah

WordPress is the best! I feel that i have found the right place to blog, expressing my opinions, about what irks me, and frustrates me, about all and sundry, especially issues about our global environment, and military conflicts and man,s inhumanity.

I live in Australia and i am pre op transsexual, i was born male and now i only identify as female. I have joined the intelligent and beautiful people. Mothers are the salt of the earth, and are undervalued in our male dominated world.

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